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2022-10-03 09:35:54

Top Questions: Do You Need A Grow Tent to Grow Cannabis Indoors? Answered

Let’s face it, the amount of information about growing cannabis indoors is endless. With a single search on the interweb, you’ll find an abundance of do’s and don'ts on cultivation.

If you’re new to the growing game, you may be a little overwhelmed. Technically, you don’t need a grow tent to grow cannabis indoors, but using one has its benefits.

Even if you consider yourself a seasoned cultivator, you’ll probably find some useful tidbits of information down below.

Cannabis is a weed, which means it’s a pretty hardy plant and not extremely difficult to grow. Growing indoors, outdoors, in a greenhouse, or with a grow tent all have their own pros and cons.

Let’s take a look at the top questions (according to Mr.Google) on using a grow tent to cultivate cannabis indoors.

Do I need A Grow Tent to Grow Indoors?

No. That’s the simple answer to needing a grow tent to grow indoors.

You don’t need one, but you may want to use one if you are limited on space, you don’t own your home, or you want more control over your growing environment.

Think about where you are going to grow. Will it be a greenhouse, indoors, or outdoors?

Having a grow tent isn’t vital to cultivating cannabis, but I recommend using one for the reasons listed above.

Maxing out your yield makes for a great harvest (and better buds), which is why using a grow tent indoors may be of interest to you.

But, are grow tents worth the investment? Let’s take a look.

Are Grow Tents Worth it?

It’s time for everyone’s favourite answer: it depends.

It all comes down to your unique cultivation situation.

Using a tent to grow weed indoors has its benefits and its downsides.

The downsides of using a grow tent are:

  • Poor accessibility
  • Lack of space
  • Not as durable as other growing means

Grow tents aren’t very big, which means you may have to decrease or even worse prematurely trim your plants during the flowering period.

There are strong grow tents that don’t snap and break, but at the end of the day they are usually made out of canvas, flimsy aluminum poles, and plastic fixtures.

If your lighting were to fall, you would end up damaging your plants.

Fortunately, the positives of using a grow tent do outweigh the negatives:

  • Easy to use
  • Control Pests
  • Reduce odour
  • Simple set-up
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Discreet
  • Modular Rooms for different grow cycles

Grow tents are easy to set up and use, they reduce the infamous skunky smell, and even a novice cannabis cultivator will find using a grow tent simple.

Maximize your space by using a grow tent that has separate sections. That way you can start seedlings and finish flowering plants at the same time.

Can You Grow Autoflowers Without a Tent?

I am of the belief that you can do anything you set your mind to, so yes, you can absolutely grow autoflower cannabis seeds without a grow tent.

There is a reason cannabis is called weed, but you may want to use a grow box or grow tent to have more control over your cultivation environment.

Autoflower cannabis seeds are potent, fast, and easy to grow. They are perfect for both experienced and beginner growers.

A tent will help mitigate pests and odour, but it is not mandatory to use a grow tent if you are ready to pop some autoflowers.

Do You Need A Grow Tent for Hydroponics?

Again, you don’t need a grow tent for a hydroponics set up. You may want one for the reasons listed above. Pests can damage and ruin your crop overnight.

It’s pretty sad when you go check on your plants and you see they have been devoured by mites and other unwanted creepy crawlers.

If you want 4-6 harvests in a year, then you may want to use a grow tent.

Tents allow you to control heat, humidity, and maintain a healthy climate for your cannabis plants.

Light control is major, especially when it comes to the flowering cycle. Also, if you want to keep nosey neighbours in the dark, a grow tent is perfect for stealth growing.

Can I Vent A Grow Tent in the Same Room?

Yes, you can vent your grow tent into the same room.

Not only is it an easy method, but it also enhances discretion by avoiding the infamous heat signature that occurs when venting outside your house.

Otherwise, you can attach ducting to the exhaust of your grow tent and vent it either outdoors or into a different room.

The hole at the top of your tent is to exhaust hot air. That’s where you’re going to add ducting if you want to vent into a different space.

Because grow tents vary in size, grow lights and fans are going to play a role in your ventilation options.

Do Grow Tents Hide Smell?

The short of it? No, grow tents aren't exactly smell-proof. Sure, they may minimize the skunkiness, but they are definitely not odour-proof.

There are several things you can do to enhance discretion and decrease the infamous cannabis stank.

  • Cool your lights from air in the room
  • Use a carbon filter (best option)
  • During flowering, pay attention to humidity & heat
  • Draw in less air than you’re extracting
  • Use an ozone generator

Final Thoughts: Should I Use A Grow Tent to Grow Cannabis?

When you grow weed indoors, you want as much control over your growing environment as possible.

Using a grow tent gives you that control.

While you don’t need a tent to cultivate cannabis, it does help streamline the process.

Using a grow tent gives you more control over variables like relative humidity, air circulation, ventilation, and temperature.

Are you a master cultivator or just starting out? Do you have any top-secret grow tips you want to share? We want to hear from you!

Reach out below or find us on Twitter and Instagram. As always, stay lifted!

About the author: Heather Burton

Heather lives with her husband and two children in beautiful British Columbia. Her passion has always been to enhance the lives of others by helping them reach their business goals.

Content management is her specialty, and writing is what she does best. Working specifically in the cannabis market, Heather strives to help dispensaries, patients, doctors, manufacturers and recreational users by giving them the voice they need. When she is not writing, you can find her anywhere outdoors and away from the screen.

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