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Germination Policy

What is the Germination Policy?

We are proud to serve our customer with quality cannabis seeds, and we understand how frustrating it can be if your seeds don’t germinate.

For this reason, we created our Germination Policy to compensate customers whose seeds do not germinate.

This will apply to all seeds purchased from us (within a specific period of time) and can only be claimed once per order.


  1. Canuk Seeds guarantees a minimum 85% germination success rate (in countries where germination is legal) when using the paper towel method, as per our instructions.
  2. One claim per order (if you don't germinate all the seeds at the same time the guarantee will apply just for the ones claimed, not for the others germinated in the future/past).
  3. Claims must be submitted within 90 days of the delivery date of your order.
  4. If you did not purchase your products through us directly, you must contact the store/site where you purchased the items as they will need to reach out to us on your behalf.
  5. The germination guarantee will only apply if our germination and storage guidelines have been met and if you reasonably show they have been met. A good example would be an image of the seeds on a damp paper towel and/or an image of an appropriate container.
  6. Store credit will be issued for any approved claims.

How to Claim?

In the event of non-germinated seeds, please contact us (select "Germination" as "Your Issue") and provide the following information:

  • Your full name, e-mail address and order number
  • The name of the strain and number of non-germinated seeds (Example: 3 x White Widow, 1 x Wedding Cake , etc.)
  • Your germination procedure
  • Please upload images of your non-germinated seeds. This is mandatory in order to evaluate your case.